Ling Bung Bo Workshop- Crushing Steps Partner Form

May 21, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm America/New York Timezone
KO Martial Arts Academy
501 East Boston Post Road
New York 10543

Bung Bo, is one of the most popular Praying Mantis Kung Fu Form that everybody in the world knows. Chances are if you met someone that practice Kung Fu and they say they know a Praying Mantis Form, it would either be Bung Bo or A Wushu Praying Mantis Form. Also in all the Praying Mantis Sect, 7 star or Northern Praying Mantis, this form is performed fairly the same. This is the reason why We chose to do a workshop on the partner side of this form. The Pre-Req to join this seminar is best if you know the form Bung Bo, if not you will be learning the form side at this workshop. Those who already proficient in the form side will learn the “Ling” side. Ling means to guide. The person learning the Ling Side will be guiding the form side. Northern Praying Mantis, Wong Hon Fun Lineage, has many Ling Forms that are created for the Solo form in our system.

1. Students of KOMAA with membership – $40
2. Students of KOMAA – $50
3. Guests and NON Student of KOMAA – $70

Please RSVP by email ([email protected]) or confirm in this event by 5/19/2017