Chinese MMA Classes

The Chinese Mixed Martial Arts System Is a Kung Fu system created by Sifu Jonathan Rivera in collaboration with Master Marlon Pilossoph and Sifu Gunn Orachantara at the KO Martial Arts Cultural Center. It incorporates the most effective self-defense techniques from Shaolin Kung Fu, Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Bak Sil Lum, Hung Gar, Eagle Claw, Brazilian JuJitsu, Muy Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Chen and Yang Style Tai Chi.

The principal of this system is simple. Learn how to fight while learning good Kung Fu.

It can take a life time to truly master Kung Fu, and while doing so, many students neglect learning practical applications and self-defense techniques, thus leaving their Kung Fu training incomplete.

Training in the Chinese MMA system will truly give you the best of all of these. World class training in both Internal and External Kung Fu, plus the real world experience in applying these techniques by regularly applying them in daily sparring and fighting classes.

Sifu Rivera is a grandson disciple of 10th Generation Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu & Yang Style Tai Chi Master Marlon Pillosoph & closed door disciple of The Shaolin Kung Fu Qi-Gong & Chen Style Tai Chi Master Cheuk Ho Kwong.

  • He has won 1st place in over 30 different Tae Kwon do events for forms, breaking and fighting.
  • He is a full contact undefeated Martial Arts Champion from 2004 to 2010.
  • He has also won 1st place several times in The International Chinese Martial Arts Championship for forms, weapons and fighting.
  • He holds a record of 4 wins and zero losses in full contact Mixed Martial Arts fighting.
  • He is well known in the Martial Arts community for his skill in Iron Palm and Iron Body.

One thing is certain. Sifu Rivera knows how to fight and wants to teach you. Looking amazing while performing solo Kung Fu forms is not Sifu Rivera’s specialty.  Teaching self-defense is.